Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Marketing Sales Kit Helps Tourism Businesses Grow

Recently, we released our 2010 Media partnership sales kit to help our tourism industry partners reach new markets effectively.

Our 2010 Sales Kit provides an overview of print and online marketing opportunities that partners can purchase to help strengthen their position in the marketplace and drive new business to their doors. Our marketing shift towards experience based online and print media has allowed us to raise the profile of the city as one of Canada's Great Outdoor Cities, weaving spectacular and iconic outdoor landscapes with unique and fascinating culinary and cultural urban experiences, a move that is generating international media attention and allowing us to buck some of the downward trends facing the Canadian tourism industry this year.

Our annual Thunder Bay Experience magazine has catapulted in popularity as a must have resource for visitors and local residents alike and is credited by many of our tourism partners for increasing visitation and revenues. with 120 000 copies in print, distributed throughout the Lake Superior basin and over 40 000 downloads annually, its become the most important tourism fulfillment resource for the city and area.

Our newly revamped site has replaced our 1-800 number as the main call to action for visitors seeking more information. With over 425 000 visitors using the site last year to help them plan their trip. Free listings and paid banner advertising is available and some of our partners report anywhere from 15000 to 30 000 click throughs annually from our site to theirs.

A sales kit has been mailed out to over 400 local tourism partners and the order forms are available online. However, if you want to learn more about advertising opportunities, contact Rose Marie Mancusa, our Marketing Coordinator, at


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