Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Meeting and Convention Planner Capitalizes on the "Unconventional Convention" Destination

We recently introduced our stunning new meetings and convention planner, a colourful and informative guide in both print and online versions that gets prospective convention and meeting planners thinking about Thunder Bay in a whole new way.

In keeping with our strategy to position Thunder Bay as one of Canada's best outdoor cities, we're weaving our unique meeting and convention locations with great outdoor, culinary and cultural experiences to improve our position within the increasingly important meeting and convention market. We've introduced the term "the unconventional convention" into our lexicon to get meeting planners seeing the city as a unique, affordable and memorable destination rather than a carbon copy of any other mid size city in Canada

The new 28 page guide is easy to follow and provides all of the information our meeting planners have told us they want to see - without the unnecessary filler. Information on accommodation, meeting rooms, unique meeting location, convention supply partners and transportation information are all available in one source.

Our increased commitment to to growing the meeting and convention market is based on our strategic location and world class air corridor coverage that makes Thunder Bay a convenient and stunningly different option for regional, Provincial and National corporate retreats, and small to medium sized conventions. We're also integrating opportunities to tie attractions and culinary experiences into our convention strategy as a means to increase visitation to our partners that are traditionally focused on the leisure market. By encouraging organizers to offer side trips such as visits to cultural attractions, off site meals and outdoor activities such as angling, kayaking and skiing, we extend the opportunities for other partners to become part of the convention market. We'll even place visitor services staff at large gatherings to help delegates plan their evenings, off time and "hooky" excursions. After all, how many of us have travelled to conventions and never seen more than the hotel and airport? I can tell you, it reduces the fun of convention travel.

Getting the planning tools into the hands of planners is being undertaken through a strategy involving industry showcases across Canada, print and online meeting and convention planning media and through a new twist on the VFR campaigns by providing local businesses, organizations and media planners the tools and advice they need to successfully bid on events that attract their partners to the city. Thunder Bay's major meeting and convention sectors have been identified as Health Sciences, Education, First Nation, Mining and Government groups, all segments with a reason to meet in Thunder Bay.

In keeping with our foundation statement to become a leader in sustainable tourism and a growing movement in the meeting and convention market to pick "green destinations", we have our sights set on standing out with our connection to the natural environment around us.

If you or your organization want to host a conference in the city that will bring in visitors, contact our Meeting and Convention Planner, Rose Marie Tarnowski at

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