Friday, July 17, 2009 Sees Massive Traffic Increase in 2009

Having a aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate web presence supported by great search engine optimization and linked to leading edge social web media is integral to survival and Tourism Thunder Bay's central marketing hub, is playing a key role in helping the city's tourism economy weather the changes in the tourism environment.

The launch of a new easier to navigate site in March of 2009 has played a key role. There are a number of reasons for this impressive statistic and includes the new easier to navigate site. However, it goes far beyond this and is also the result of web based media campaigns driving traffic to the site, improved search engine optimization and innovative online contests designed to introduce users to the information resources in a fun way. We've also encouraged more of our partners to link to our site, creating a cross marketing environment that benefits everyone.

Our aggressive public relations campaign and fantastic relationship with our media partners has seen Tourism Thunder Bay featured in over 225 media interviews this year alone, spanning all media channels and regions, including local, regional and national radio, web, print and television. Many of these stories end up in the web and help propel Thunder Bay to the top of the searches, which in turns, generates more buzz about, what is quickly becoming, one of Canada's best outdoor cities.

We've been pioneers in the public sector application of social web based collaborative media in Canada - and likely most of North America - by introducing Facebook, Twitter and Blogging platforms to support our web campaign, capitalizing on their ease of use and huge audiences to connect with a wider range of potential visitors in a cost effective, targeted and fun framework. Making good impressions is about building relationships with the consumer and that is what these platforms allow us to do. In an age where almost all government agencies and most major corporations consider the use of social media in the work place a drain on productivity, we've embraced the technology and re-written the rule book on social media policy in the public sector marketing world (truthfully, we burned the rule book). The results have become successful communication platforms to reach our core demographics more effectively.

We're watching the web tracker daily now and when we hit 1 million visits, likely sometime in mid August, we'll be sure to celebrate a milestone in municipal level tourism marketing that all of our partners can be proud of.

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