Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Tool for Tourism Businesses to Become Greener

Doing business in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way is a lot more than just a good marketing and public relations move - its also good for your long term bottom line.

Earthwise Thunder Bay has just released a new tool to help local businesses become greener in their operations. The Net Zero business guide to green business is available in print and online to provide an assessment and implementation tool to encourage the business community to see the benefits of going green. There has been a myth that going green is not necessarily good for an individual businesses bottom line but ultimately, reduction in utility costs and the implementation of sound practices reduces overhead and can actually attract new clients.

Being environmentally responsible does not mean we give up on developing and promoting the activities we hold dear or are a staple of our tourism economy. It does not mean we stop snowmobiling, ATVing, dirt biking or other activities that on the surface, appear to be contradictory to the principals of environmentally responsible tourism. It means we adapt practices to reduce emissions and employ practices to the best of our abilities, to minimize impacts. For angling, it means the use of newer energy efficient outboards and self imposed conservation limits on angling and ensuring the longevity of breeding stock. As a convertible touring enthusiast myself, I don't have to give my passion. My contribution and that of others in my leisure group is to ensure our autos are tuned properly, time pressure is appropriate and other practices to maximize fuel mileage. While out on tours, we support local restaurants serving local foods and promote parks and recreational areas for stops and destinations.

Tourism Thunder Bay has adopted the principals of sustainable tourism as a foundation statement and believes that creating partnerships in sustainable tourism will elevate the community's image within the tourism industry itself and ultimately to the consumer base that is looking at environmentally and socially sustainable destinations in which to take their next vacation, conference or sport event. After all, we are one of Canada's best outdoor cities and to become an urban leader in sustainable tourism places us in a unique strategic position.

You can learn more about Net Zero and what you can do at

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