Friday, July 17, 2009

Local Partners Help Make Cruise Visitors Feel Welcome

Tourism Thunder Bay has been privileged to work with a vast array of community partners in bringing the cruise industry back to downtown Port Arthur.

Welcoming the vessel, crew and passengers to the community has been a priority for us and we have been thrilled to work with a couple of organizations who are dedicating and volunteering their time to help roll out the red carpet for our special guests.

Cindy Crowe of the Waabi-ma'iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge has worked hard to coordinate a welcoming committee, dancers, singers and drummers for each visit. Her and her volunteers have crafted welcome cards for all of this summer's guests that include a sweet grass pin, Thunder Bay and Canada Pin. The cards have become a huge hit among passengers.

Working with Cindy are members of Opportunity Thunder Bay, a collection of local residents from all walks of life who want to do things to make the city a better place to live, work and invest. Brothers John and Jason Susin have been huge cheerleaders for the community and are here every morning to greet the ship.

We've also had a number of Drum groups, coordinated by David Simard, performing while passengers disembark the vessel each morning, giving a warm welcome and photo opportunity.

Tourism Thunder Bay can't thank these great folks enough for their commitment to making Thunder Bay a more welcoming city and for the passengers, owners and crew of the Clelia II, it sends a message to them about how important they are to us. We can do a lot and we can do a whole lot more working together and these groups are proof of that.

To learn more about the Teaching Lodge, email Cindy Crowe at To learn more about Opportunity Thunder Bay, search for their group at

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Cindy Crowe said...

Thank you Paul for sharing this information. It has been an extreme honour for us to be able to 'welcome' these visitors to our traditional homelands and present them with a gift of our sacred medicines. Someday we hope that the Waabi-ma'iingan Traditional Teaching Lodge will be located on this site and it continues to give me goosebumps when I stand on this site and offer our small gifts to these visitors. It is something that our ancestors did for thousands of years. We look forward to greeting more visitors!

Feel free to check out our Facebook page or our website at:

or contact me at:


Cindy Crowe