Friday, July 17, 2009

Superior Pedicabs Fills Unique Niche in Thunder Bay's Sustainable Tourism Economy

With almost 1400 businesses in Thunder Bay drawing upon tourism for their livelihood in one way or another, I get a chance to meet and profile a wide range of local entrepreneurs who help create a more vibrant tourism economy.

Gord Soloway is the owner of Superior Pedicabs, a new business that started in the spring of 2008 to offer visitors to the downtown areas a unique transportation option for seeing the city in the summer. Gord operates several pedicabs, unique three wheel bikes that seat two passengers and have a driver up front peddling them around. The cabs can be seen driving all around Thunder Bay and in particular, are found at most major events such as Summer in the Parks and Bluesfest.

This year, Gord added bicycle rentals to his growing business and has been part of our cruise ship strategy for passengers wishing to explore the city on their own while in port. Gord has about a half dozen specially configured bikes that are adaptable to all sorts of users and on any given port of call, people are using them to explore the park and the city. Gord's drivers are set up dockside at Pool 6 at each call ready to provide a unique experience.

Gord's human powered transportation business is an important contributor to building Thunder Bay into a sustainable tourism leader, the experiences he makes available helps enrich visitor stays in the city and generate more tourism revenues. The more opportunities that are available for visitors, the longer they are likely to stay.

If you have a chance at explore the city by Pedicab or on one of his unique bikes, you'll see the city in a whole new great way. If you are an event host or hotel operator, contact Gord at to learn how you can enhance your visitor's experiences with this fantastic leisurely transportation option.

You can learn more about Gord and his business at

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