Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toronto Star Reveals Readers' Love of Thunder Bay

Toronto Star readers like Thunder Bay. They really like us.

Alright, an old Sally Field quote aside, Thunder Bay got a great little mention in this past weekend's Toronto Star Travel section. They have been asking their readers what their favorite Canadian place is and they responded. Thunder Bay was up there with Tofino and PEI....Not bad company to keep at all!

Even the headline hinted at a bit of a surprise at our placement. "Our Readers Love Tofino - and PEI And Even Thunder Bay"

while the article duly notes that Thunder Bay is not an obvious tourist centric community, its eclectic Finn culture and connection to Superior, Sleeping Giant and Canyon Country, combined with great family oriented museums like Fort William Historical Park, made for a memorable trip for one particular family.

And this supports our goal over the past 3 years. Raising the profile of the community beyond mill town status to a culturally curious community with deep ties to our natural environment and scenery around us and one that surprises visitors once they discover and explore.

That's exactly the type of visitor we're good at attracting - the Explorer. People that want that outdoor experience but than seek the culinary and cultural comforts and quirks of the urban community. They don't expect to find it prior to their first visit, but they do once they arrive.

This demonstrates how we've been able to weave our urban culture into the larger theme of the natural environment and gives us cause to keep pursuing this tack for the foreseeable future.

Lets celebrate each step forward, no matter how modest, in our community's tourism vision.

You can read the entire Toronto Star article here. http://www.thestar.com/travel/article/821385--our-readers-love-tofino-and-pei-and-even-thunder-bay

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