Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charter Boat Operators Still Operating During Construction

There's no doubt that the phase one waterfront transformation currently underway at Prince Arthur's Landing is going to be spectacular when finished. It is important, to remember, that during construction this year, some things of convenience we take for granted are going to have to be sacrificed.

We're pleased to report that the charter boat perators out of Marina Park are operating as usual through this year and we want to make sure our visitors and tourism partners know who they are and where they're operating out of during construction season.

Archie's Charters, our local Lake Superior fishing tour operator (and resident Up! Magazine celebrity) is operating on pier one on the second dock in to the right off the main pier. To access Archie's, enter the park at the Pearl Street Lights and check in with the security guard who will direct you to the boaters parking area to the right - by the fuel dock and boaters washrooms. Most of Archie's work is pre booked so its good to call ahead to make sure you're on the security list. Contact Archie at 1-807-473-9435 or http://www.archiescharters.com/

SailSuperior.com will be operating off of pier 3 this year, as they always have. With the regular parking area currently within the construction area, those wanting an unforgettable sail tour of the harbour will need to park at the parking lot closest to the Tai Chi Park and skate and BMX Plaza and walk along the trail, over the bridge and towards pier 3. Enter the Park at the north end overpass, turn left at the intersection and head past the play area and band shell to find the parking area. Its a bit of a walk but worth every step once you're aboard with Captain Gregory. For more info, contact http://www.sailsuperior.com/ or call 1-807-628-3333.
This is an exciting transitional year in our city's waterfront and the end result is going to be world class. We want to see our great tour boat operators continue to do well through the construction season, offering visitors to the community some spectacular angling and sailing experiences throughout what is going to be a warm summer.

I encourage all of our tourism partners to help promote our charter operators to their guests.

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