Tuesday, June 15, 2010

April Hotel Performance Shows Continued Rebound in Local Segment

April continues to show a rebound in the North American travel market with another month of modest increases in the local hotel occupancy scene.

According to the latest PKF National Market Report, Thunder Bay's April occupancy rate was 68.2% up 1.6 points from April 2009's high of 66.6%. REVPAR for April was up 3.8% to $65.28 from $62.88 a year ago.

The Ontario April average occupancy rate rose 3.7% to 57.5% with REVPAR increasing 10% to $69.25. This growth was largely the result of a rebound in the GTA markets although smaller markets reported some positive results in a mixed marketplace.

April's modest gains was largely the result of increased corporate travel to the city. It was a month with few notable sport tourism events and is typically a slower leisure travel month.

We provide these updates as an information source to our local tourism partners locally and encourage our tourism partners to contact PKF directly at www.pkfcanada.com for more detailed reports that pertain to their business planning exercises.

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