Wednesday, May 19, 2010

March and April Terry Fox Visitor Centre Stats Show Encouraging Activity

March and April 2010 visitor numbers at the Terry Fox Visitor Information Center are encouraging and we hope they signal an increase in local visitation in 2010 and a recovery to what was a very challenging 2009 for the North American tourism economy.

2097 visitors used the facility in March 2010, up from 1443 in March 2009, a 31% jump. Of these users, 87% wwere Canadian, the majority from the Northwest region, 12% were from the US, primarily Minnesota and Wisconsin and 1% were international overseas.

In April, 2806 visitors used the facility, up from 2266 the previous April, an increase of 19%. 86% wer Canadian, 9% US and 5% overseas.

Obviously, being located on the Trans Canada and an almost obligatory overnight stop for cross Canada traffic, approximately 23% of visitors were seeking information on accommodation and food. 27% were visiting for recreational purposes, while 10% were visiting on business.

March and April are traditionaly shoulder season leisure market months for Thunder Bay and its encouraging to see the increases and range of activities bringing people to or through the community.

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