Friday, May 21, 2010

New Culinary Attraction Adds to the Bay & Algoma Flavour

Thunder Bay's culinary offerings have expanded yet again with the addition of the Growing Season Juice Collective at 201 South Algoma.

This tiny gem opened in late 2009 and focuses on good healthy well prepared food using local and regional ingredients wherever possible. For me its quickly become a favorite lunch meeting location and Sunday afternoon treat. Serving local Thunder Oak gouda, Both Hands Bread, fresh greens and regionally sourced elk sausage, this culinary adventure makes a point of supporting the local food supply network and offers a unique option for locals and visitors alike.

Despite their name they offer a lot more than just fresh squeezed juice combinations. The food is fresh, the presentation fantastic and the atmosphere bright, cheery and Thunder Bay eclectic.

Growing Season represents the innovation, creativity and passion of Thunder Bay's new breed of youthful entrepreneurs, bringing something unique to market that celebrates our local culinary culture, adds to the choices for visitors and locals alike and contributes another story about who we are as a city.

The Growing Season is part of a transformation of the Bay and Algoma neighborhood, long anchored by the Hoito (which turns 100 years old this year). Villedge Art's relocation next door to the Growing Season, The Bean Fiend Coffee House, The Loop and Red Earth Imports join the company of established places like Madhouse, Scandanavian Home, Calico, Authentique, Finnish Book Store and Maier Hardware (yes, visitors even pop in there to find everything an old fashioned real hardware store should be). The community garden, across the street on the grounds of the old Cornwall School, is filled with volunteers every weekend growing crops locally. When we talk about becoming leaders in sustainability and being one of Canada's best outdoor cities, these gems all come together to help support that vision.

The Growing Season Juice Collective is a place every tourism professional in Thunder Bay should know and where we can all learn a lesson from. Judging by the crowds there every time I've visited, good word spreads quickly when great quality food, value, commitment to supporting local suppliers and funky atmosphere are combined.

The Growing Season can be found at 201 S Algoma St. and on Facebook. They're open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 4 PM

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