Friday, October 9, 2009

Ahnisnabae Art Gallery Wins at the Northern Ontario Business Awards

Congratulations goes out to local business Ahnisnabae Art Gallery and owner Loise Thomas for being victorious at the 2009 Northern Ontario Business Awards ( held in Sault Ste Marie this past week. Ahnisnawbae Art took home honours for the First Nations Business Award of Excellence category.

This gallery, located on South James Street between Gore and Frederica, has become an incredible cultural gem in our community, attracting visitors from all over. A look at the website or stroll through the gallery shows the works from dozens of regional Ahnisnabae artisans that is available for purchase. For those in the tourism industry, be it an attraction, hotel or restaurant, its worth the visit to understand the scope of talent that exists in our city and region and its certainly one of those "must see" stops to tell your visitors about, especially those who want to acquire something regionally authentic to remember their visit here.

The Gallery was founded by the Late Roy Thomas in 1997 and since his death, has been run by his wife Louise as a tribute to his memory and his dedication to creating and sharing not only his own work but the works of other artists who promote Ahnisbabae culture. Its another fine example of the award winning world class cultural attractions that we have here in the community and region.

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