Tuesday, October 20, 2009

August 2009 U.S. Border Crossing Numbers Released

Canada Border Services Agency has released its August 2009 travel statistics for the Pigeon River Border Crossing

August 2009 saw an 8.3% decline in U.S. travellers over 2008, with 18, 043 US residents travelling into Canada at that point versus 19,672 the previous year.

All segments were affected with the following results

Same Day 2,987 (2009) - 5% from
1 Night 626 (2009) -15%
2 + Night 14,430 (2009) -9%

Our year to date U.S. traffic is 74,348 residents versus 75,434 in 2008, resulting in a very modest overall year to date decline of 1.5%, not bad considering the economic environment we are all working within.

While the August figures are disappointing, we have to look at these numbers within the context of the U.S. economy, passport regulations, cooler weather and a upward creep of the Canadian dollar around this time.

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