Tuesday, March 31, 2009

February Terry Fox Visitor Center Numbers are In

February numbers are in and despite the challenging economy, visitation appears to be holding its own. February 2009, saw a slight increase in visitation to the Terry Fox Visitor Center. The centre reported 648 registered visitors, an increase from 635 in February 2008. Our door counters, however, reported a slight decrease to 910 users from 975 in 2008.

More people stopped to look for information while fewer stopped to simply use the washrooms. Given that the center has two separate entrances and that transient travellers often stop to use the washrooms, the door counter numbers provide an accurate asseement of building users. However, the registrations are from visitors who have come into the visitor center area and spoken with our Visitor Services representatives.

Here's the performance by the numbers.

Registered visitors 648
  • Canadian - 552
  • U.S. - 86
  • Overseas - 10
email inquiries - 193

telephone inquiries - 29

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