Monday, March 9, 2009

Thunder Bay's own March Madness Media Spotlight

Thunder Bay has received a hefty dose of national media this past month with fantastic web, print and television coverage, some of which has focused on Thunder Bay's summer and winter activities, culture and culinary experiences. In all the media coverage, one theme has emerged, Thunder Bay is a culturally rich city with a "vibe" on the doorstep of some of the world's best outdoor experiences.

The March 3 episode of CBC's Rick Mercer Report provided a great 8 minute clip of Rick experiencing some of Thunder Bay's great winter traditions, ice climbing, the art of sauna and breakfast at the Hoito. The segment painted a picture of Thunder Bay as one of Canada's great outdoor winter cities and a community that embraces its ethnic culture, the outdoors and the seaon that many take for granted. Go to to watch the clip.
En Route, Air Canada's inflight magazine featured Thunder Bay's off the beaten path winter getaways, including pond skating, dog sledding and ice climbing, than weaving them into some of our great cultural winter activities, including, once again, the Hoito, as well as a tour of the Anihnawbae Art Gallery. The article appears in both the print and on-line editions and can be read at

Coastal Living magazine, in its online edition, published a story about Thunder Bay's connection to Lake Superior, and in particular, winter activities in and around the lake. Once again, Thunder Bay's finnish culture is presented front and centre. Coastal Living attracts a wide affluent market around North America and to be presented is a coup for the city. go to
And thats not the end of it. Thunder Bay's iconic Sleeping Giant made the cover of This month's Canadian Geographic Travel. The cover article, featuring Canada's top 25 provincial parks, included both Sleeping Giant and Quetico. This attention and the fact that Thunder Bay is a gateway to both parks, helps solidify our "Superior By Nature" brand and positions us, once again, as one of Canada' s great outdoor cities. Visit

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