Friday, May 22, 2009

April Visits to Terry Fox Demonstrate Market Resiliance.

The April 2009 visitor statistics at the Terry Fox Center are approximately on par with 2008, a welcome sign that this summer's leisure season may be reasonably successful in light of challenging economic times across North America.

A total of 1064 visitors registered at the center in April and while that was down 94 persons from 2008, the center was closed on April 1 for a snow storm and on Easter Monday as part of our restructuring plan to reallocate staffing to keep the Pagoda center open longer during summer months. When these dates were accounted for as their daily average visitation, the numbers are pretty much only 10 visitors off from the previous year.

Canadian Visitors totaled 900 or 78% of visitors and included the following
  • Ontario - 64%
  • Manitoba - 11%
  • BC - 8%
  • Saskatchewan - 7%
  • Alberta - 4%
  • Quebec - 2%
US traffic, at 118 visitors, was 10% and was overwhelmingly from our core markets of Minnesota (70%) and Wisconsin (15%)

Overseas traffic, at 46 visitors, made up 4% of total traffic to the center.

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