Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thunder Bay Makes Tripadvisor's Top 25 Canadian Destinations List

Thunder Bay continues to improve its brand position as Canada's Best Outdoor City and a increasingly desirable destination or gateway for visitors seeking some of North America's best outdoor experiences, sport tourism or conference experience.

TripAdvisor, the hugely popular online consumer travel portal, has recently announced Canada's top twenty five city destinations based on traveller reviews and Thunder Bay has made that list with a number twenty four ranking.

This is the first time we've made the list and is testament to the City's transformation in recent years to a culturally rich and eclectic urban centre with intimate connections to its natural environment. Looking at the City's spectacular waterfront transformation, growth in the university and college sectors, a growing reputation as a leading edge health sciences, research and mining centre, the explosion of our culinary and arts scene and major attraction investments in the National Marine Conservation Area, Provincial Parks and attractions, its easy to see the momentum that is propelling our industry and reputation upwards. The leadership and investments being shown in various economic sectors highlights the importance of an interconnected economy and how they can contribute to a stronger tourism sector.

Certainly, our goal is to continually improve on our position and rankings in this and other consumer measurement channels by building equity on the Canada's Best Outdoor City vision statement. We'll achieve this through a stable long term approach that focuses on our key asset strengths yet demonstrates flexibility to adapt to shifts in the consumer market segments.

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