Monday, March 8, 2010

Year End Report Goes to Council March 8th.

Each year, we present a year end performance report to City Council and the public, outlining the state of the previous year's tourism economy locally, a summary of our major partnerships and initiatives and identifying major trends noted over the past year.

The Thunder Bay tourism economy posted a slight decline in 2009 but displayed remarkable resilience to the global challenges facing the tourism industry. Internationally, in 2009, these challenges resulted in a significant North American wide decline in industry performance. A near par dollar, weak North American economy, new border crossing identification requirements, and below seasonal weather created a near "perfect storm". 2009 was not so much a year to compare performance to past years; but, to compare performance to other regions and communities.

Tourism industry performance in the city of Thunder Bay varied with both growth and declines noted across all sectors. However, any declines noted were, in most cases, less than industry averages, translating into a tourism economy that out-performed many other jurisdictions.
Tourism Thunder Bay continues to build its reputation as a leading economic development body in the City of Thunder Bay and the authoritative leader with specific responsibility for the tourism segment of the local and regional economy. Tourism is an important element of the City’s diversification efforts, representing $71,273,000 in direct economic impact, housing some 1,747 jobs in 1,357 establishments.

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