Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vote Thunder Bay onto MONOPOLY Canada Game

Mayor Lynn Peterson is encouraging all residents, as well as their friends and families, to support Thunder Bay in the quest tobe featured on the new MONOPOLY Canada Board Game by voting

“We want to rally our citizens to put Thunder Bay on the board,” said MayorPeterson. “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our unique city on agame that is recognized and loved around the world. I encourage allresidents to vote for Thunder Bay each day and also to encourage theirfriends and families to support Thunder Bay in this quest. Let’sdemonstrate our civic pride by voting to get Thunder Bay its rightful placeon MONOPOLY Canada!”

Thunder Bay is one of 65 Canadian cities that will compete for a spot onthe MONOPOLY Canada game board. Hasbro, the makers of MONOPOLY, havecreated an online nationwide vote to choose Canada’s 22 favourite citiesfor the new MONOPOLY Canada edition that will be released this summer.

Voting began online at midnight on Jan. 11 at are invited to cast their ballots for three cities each day ofthe vote, which will be open until Feb. 7, 2010. The city that receives themost votes will be placed on the highest rent property traditionally heldby Boardwalk.

The 20 cities that receive the most votes will be part of MONOPOLY historyas the first cities selected to be on the Canadian game board through aconsumer vote. However, two spaces on the board will be reserved for citiesthat are nominated through a wild card vote, which means any city in Canadacan be nominated for these property spaces. Once the top 20 city vote iscomplete, the top 10 nominated wild card cities will also be put to a voteand the wild card winners will occupy the low-rent property spacestraditionally held by Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue. The wild cardvote will take place from Feb. 8 until Feb. 21.
The cities voted onto the final game board will be announced in June 2010.The new MONOPOLY Canada Edition will be available in stores in summer 2010.

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