Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tourism Thunder Bay Twitters

Tourism Thunder Bay has been utilizing social media as an integral part of our marketing strategy over the past two years, most notably through the Facebook and Blogger platforms.

We've added Twitter to our arsenal and have been utilizing it as a tool to promote the city and suggest attractions, events and packages to visitors, travel media and other industry partners. Travel media has been actively engaged in twitter as have major tourism organizations around North America. Tourism Thunder Bay is utilizing the Twitter platform to help promote our local tourism partners with direct web links back to their organizations.

Twitter is easy to set up and use and is only limited by the editorial creativity of the twitterer. Its a fantastic platform for the tourism industry to increase web buzz for events and attractions and to keep loyal consumer and partners up to date on your business's offerings

To follow us, go to www.twitter.com/visitthunderbay

To learn more about Twitter and to set up your own account, visit www.twitter.com

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